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December 1, 2014

Why I hate EA.

One word: Origin. Actually I mostly hate Origin, but I also blame EA, because they chose to partner up with them. I should explain… Up until they partnered with Origin … Continue reading

November 24, 2014 · 3 Comments

Babysitting in the time before Ipads.

Yup I’m old enough I can say I learned how to keep other people’s kids entertained before Apple brought out the product that would turn the youngest generations into the … Continue reading

November 22, 2014 · 5 Comments

A good game for busy mothers.

(This isn’t a plug*.) If you are a mum, like me, during the day you probably don’t get much time to sign in and get into a round, stage or … Continue reading

November 20, 2014

Mean while in Britain…

… Tea is normal. I was on the VOIP not too long ago playing my long running game addiction and suddenly a guildie silently whispers me in-game “heads up C, … Continue reading

November 17, 2014

Making friends in an MMO. (How gaming changed my life.)

This is a story I have wanted to share for a very long time. It is extremely personal, and these are true events. This is not just my story about … Continue reading

November 14, 2014 · 7 Comments

Stop Violence. Full stop.

I didn’t know what it is about the “Stop/end violence agaionst women” slogans that makes me feel so uncomfortable, obviously I support the ideaology but something about seeing it in … Continue reading

November 11, 2014