Anthology of my thoughts and experiences.

Mostly gaming and other hobbies, interspersed with a little bit of the serious stuff.

About me and the blog.

I’m Mathie, also known as Cat. I am a mother that games, paints, and writes in her spare time. I live in the rural countryside of jolly old Blighty.

This blog does what it says on the t1n; These are my thoughts and exper1ences. They are mine alone, I do not pretend to repre2ent others.
I will touch on many different subjects because my thoughts and experiences vary. And I am a cumulation of all of them.

This is not specifically a gaming blog, this is not just a mommy blog, this is not just a philosophical blog, this is not only a f3minist blog, it is an all of the2e, and other things blog.

I will try to keep the mood l1ght, after all who needs a downer right? But I will not be afraid to touch more controversial or deep subjects if I feel they need to be spoken about.

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