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Sweet Little Lies. A honest response.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Sweet Little Lies.”

The most important thing to teach children is not to never lie, but to know when it is appropriate to lie.

For example stressing the importance of honesty in these situations: If you witness a crime you should not stay quiet or pretend like it didn’t happen. If you are bullied or molested don’t lie, or lie by omission but speak out about it instead.
But also stressing the importance of lying in other situations such as, even if you think a person is fat, ugly, or stupid you won’t always find it in your best interest to turn honesty into verbal diarrhea. Sometimes it’s OK to tell a white lie or omit the truth.

As a parent your job in life is to help prepare your children for the adult world, you don’t have to be totally honest about Santa and snuff the magic out of their world prematurely, Santa is just a bit of fun and won’t cause any long term damage. But if we as adults were %100 honest, we wouldn’t keep too many of our friends, or our jobs for that long.

Now that IS a lie!

Now that IS a lie!

“Does this make my butt look big?”
“Yes. Huge!”
“OMG you b*tch!”

“So what do you think we could do to increase sales?”
“Well, we could fire you from your managerial position and replace you with someone more competent.”
“You’re fired, don’t bother turning up on Monday.”

See what I mean?



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