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A status to my facebook friends. (Keep your private life private.)

A friend of a friend on Facebook has something publicly visible, I get to see it in my news feed ONLY because my friend commented on it, NOT because the person who posted it is my friend.
I don’t know these people. And they don’t know me. (Friend of a friend does NOT equal a friend.)
I should not be able to see what the people who aren’t even my friends post by default.
Public posts should be for pages not people.
STOP sharing your stuff with the public, you don’t know who is out there.
For all you (and by you, I mean They) know I could be an axe murderer and now I have your address, or know where you go, (because you tagged your location on a public post) what your friends look like, or what your kids look like (because you tagged them too).
Good thing I am not an axe murder because some of you make it real easy to track you and your loved ones down.
For the love of all that is good in this world please just keep stuff to your own friend list, and tell your friends to stop posting public too. Be sensible, and be safe. x

privacy fail



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